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  • Koehler
Social protection in the ASEAN-10: challenges in a diverse region T4-Social Welfare and Health Koehler_1.pdf
  • Ponniah
Sport and ASEAN Community Outcomes T4-Social Welfare and Health Ravin_Ponniah_4.pdf
  • Trewern
Supporting ASEAN citizens to adopt responsible food consumption patterns T2-Natural and Built Environment Trewern.pdf
  • Phuaphansawat
Tackling educational inequity in Thailand: Wealth effects on schooling choice, learning process and learning outcome T3-Livelihoods Phuaphansawat.pdf
  • Li
  • Rawat
The access and delivery of water services in the ASEAN region T4-Social Welfare and Health Stuti_Lili_1.pdf
  • Markandya
The Natural Environment T2-Natural and Built Environment Markandya.pdf
  • Amaripuja
  • Danupranata
  • Nadzir
  • Raharjo
  • Widadi
  • Ismara
The Role of Teaching Factories to Support TVET Entrepreneurship Education: Case Studies of Five Vocational High Schools in Indonesia T3-Livelihoods Amaripuja et al.pdf
  • Fernandez
Towards an ‘ASEAN Way’ of addressing complex crises? T2-Natural and Built Environment Fernandez.pdf
  • Baskaran
Understanding the needs of PWD at Various Life Stages: How Social and Environmental Provisions can facilitate Social Inclusion T3-Livelihoods Baskaran.pdf
  • Khan
Women’s and Minorities’ Rights, Socially Embedded Capabilities and ASEAN Identity T1-Identity Haider A. Khan_1.pdf