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  • Trigueiro
  • Johnsen
  • Mitra
  • Ray
  • Fennell
Health T4-Social Welfare and Health Trigueiro.pdf
  • Hirai
Health in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations from the perspective of Sustainable Development Goals T4-Social Welfare and Health Tadashi_Hirai.pdf
  • Purnomo
Health Service in ASEAN T4-Social Welfare and Health Eko_Priyo_Purnomo.pdf
  • Gasper
Human Security Thinking for Inclusive and Sustainable Development in ASEAN T1-Identity Gasper.pdf
  • Chindarkar
Inequality of Opportunity in Health Among Child Migrants and Left-Behind Children in Southeast Asia T4-Social Welfare and Health Chindarkar.pdf
  • Vaish
Language and Identity in Singapore T1-Identity Vaish.pdf
  • Payne
Natural and Built Environment T2-Natural and Built Environment Payne.pdf
  • Rezaie
  • Rahman
  • Huq
Natural Disaster, Climate Change, Environment and Response T2-Natural and Built Environment Huq_et_al.pdf
  • Arciprete
  • Biggeri
  • Ciani
Seizing the day: working for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in ASEAN countries T4-Social Welfare and Health Arciprete_Biggeri_Ciani.pdf
  • Paryono
Skilled workforce in ASEAN region: Issues, challenges, and way forward T3-Livelihoods Paryono_Paryono.pdf